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swedish massage

The Swedish massage or Classic massage

The Swedish massage or what is known as "deep tissue massage" is a deeper, firmer massage that suits to men as well as to women. This method uses long and fluid movements. We work on the trigger points and use five basic movements: light touch, kneading, chafing, tapping and vibrations. Oil, massage cream or a lotion is applied on the skin to reduce frictions and to allow soft movements.


The Swedish massage aims to :
• improve the blood flow
• improve the lymphatic circulation, nourishing and detoxifying the body cells.
• relax and regenerate the nervous system, improving your sleep quality and revitalizing your whole body.
• dissolve muscular tensions, relieving your backache.
• harmonize and strengthen the body's healing force.

Massage with essential oils on tatami
1hour : 80 Euros. 1h30: 120 Euros

All of my massages are customized to the individual needs of your body. Whether it be Californian, Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, alone or in combination, using the finest essential oils to enhance the treatment.

For your comfort we do out-calls in Paris and suburb. Appointments are available 8am to 9pm, monday through saturday.