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shiatsu massage

Shiatsu or The path to energy

Practice :
Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that seeks to balance the Qi (vital energy) , to awaken and strengthen the body's healing force. Treatment focuses on restoring the harmony and flow of energy to its optimum level.Thumbs, palms, forearms are used along the meridian system, to stimulate the energy within the body and help about balancing change. Treatments can be relaxing or invigorating depending on the needs of the client. Shiatsu incorporates stretches, joints mobilization, rubbing and friction mouvments.

Effects :
Shiatsu treatments can be considered as an aspect of preventive health care . Here are some of its effects:
• It can reduce or relieve common aches as stress, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder problems, digestive problems..
• It improves the breathing and relieves chronic muscle tension and pain.
• It stimulates the body and helps it to find again its self-healing processes. The body can resist more efficiently to external infections and to diseases.
• Sleep is more soothing after a shiatsu massage.
• It revitalizes the elderly persons.

After your massage, you will walk away renewed, refreshed and ready to face the world.

Shiatsu massage is practiced on a tatami and without essential oils.
1hour : 80 Euros. 1h30: 120 Euros

All of my massages are customized to the individual needs of your body. Whether it be Californian, Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, alone or in combination, using the finest essential oils to enhance the treatment.

For your comfort we do out-calls in Paris and suburb. Appointments are available 8am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday.