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My passion for massage and manual therapies was born during my first training in creative massage at the European Touch Massage School in 2001. Beyond the mastery of massage technics, I learned compassion, selflessness, attention and the right listening. Later, my curiosity and thirst for knowledge led me to thousands of kilometers from Paris. Trip after trip, training after training to explore traditional methods. What was new and amazing for me was the holistic approach that takes into consideration the whole material body as well as psycho-emotional dimensions.
First, Rishikesh in India in 2004 where I learned abhyangam and principles of Ayurveda (science of life). In Chiang Mai, Thailand (2005/2006) where I learned the art of Nuad Boran (traditional Thai massage) with a recognized master and source of inspiration (Pichest Boothumme). Then to Bali where I learned the Balinese massage; a happy synthesis of Shiatsu massage and Indian massage.
Member of the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu (FFST) since 2006, I began a long training in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine fundamentals (TCM) under the guidance of Jacques Laurent.
In my practice I remain committed to three things that I hold in high regard: generosity, kindness and humility.
My clients remain my best teachers ever.