“Those who do not find time for wellbeing
will have to find time for illness”

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Lemassage or pure synergy

Precision, fluidity of gestures, re-unification of the body, this is the summary of Lemassage session. It is a combination of the Californian massage: regulated rhythmically and fluid, and Swedish massage: more precise and tonic . We move smoothly from one technic to the other, linking the body from the head to the toes in a fluid way till the end of the massage. Movements of Shiatsu, feet Reflexology as well as stretches complete the soothing gestures of the massage and help you to relax your muscles and your joints. You will feel then a very pleasant lightness sensation.

Lemassage suits all the persons subject to muscular and psychological tensions. It is a deep relaxation massage that aims to connect our mind with the forgotten parts of our body. Therefore, don't await to be struck by stress and tensions; as early as the first symptoms (backache , painful neck, heavy legs), take care of yourself; have a massage. Thus you will resist better to the pressures of your long work days and, all naturally , you will be again in harmony with yourself.

This style of massage is highly recommended for those receiving their first massage.


Massage with essential oils on massage table or Tatami
1hour : 80 Euros. 1h30: 120 Euros

All of my massages are customized to the individual needs of your body. Whether it be Californian, Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, alone or in combination, using the finest essential oils to enhance the treatment.

For your comfort we do out-calls in Paris and suburb. Appointments are available 8am to 9pm, Monday through Sunday.