We bring you well-being at your place

Charter of deontology and clause of confidentiality

• Respect for the client's privacy and discretion
• Massager commitment
• All massages are preceded by a discussion : your expectations, your physical or psychological problem if any. In extreme cases of contraindication the massager may refuse to practice.
• Decent behavior of the massager. This attitude has to be mutual.
• If you feel unease at a gesture, formulate this inconvenience. Feel free to express your wishes about a particular movement.
• You will be asked to undress to a level you feel comfortable with. You will always be draped, except in the area massed on. The massager will make sure the pressure of the massage is OK for you.

Your massager will never ever :

•Propose medical or para-medical treatement of any sort.
•Use mystico-religious statements to justify his practice. We are strongly against charlatanism.