Stress relief, Pain reduction, Relaxation

abhyangam massage

Abhyanga or the perfect harmony

Practice :
This ancient healing form is performed by massaging different acupressure points, or Marmas, through which the Prana, the vital breath in sanskrit, flows.
At once relaxing and energetic, the Ayurvedic massage relieves your muscles while regenerating all your energy.

Effects :
This massage is based on the idea that our life and our environment have an influence on our health . It allows a better management of stress and lack of concentration. It is likely to stimulate toxins disposal, to reduce symptoms such as fatigue, insomnias, depression and to facilitate blood flow.

Massage practiced on the floor and with fragrant oils
1hour : 80 Euros. 1h30: 120 Euros

All of my massages are customized to the individual needs of your body. Whether it be Californian, Abhyanga, Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, alone or in combination, using the finest essential oils to enhance the treatment.

For your comfort we do out-calls in Paris and suburb. Appointments are available 8am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday.