“Those who do not find time for wellbeing
will have to find time for illness”


Frequently Asked Questions:

Your health, personal well-being and comfort are my top priority. I understand that if you’re new to receiving professional massage you may have some questions and concerns. I’d like to guide you through the process and answer some common questions. Of course, if there’s any questions you have that aren’t covered here, I welcome your email.

What to Expect

On your first massage we’ll discuss any specific needs or problem areas you may have. Please don’t be shy--if you’re experiencing tension or pain, I’ll gently locate and treat these areas, but the more you communicate your needs, the better I can tailor a treatment to you.

Unless you specifically ask for deep tissue work, I’ll begin with only moderate pressure. This is my opportunity to get a sense of your problem areas and what your body needs. If you want or require more or less pressure, just tell me. Remember, this is your massage.

Toward the conclusion of the massage, I wrap you up (if you have chosen an oil massage), take your time, and when you’re ready, ease yourself up. Again, you may feel groggy and even a bit disoriented at first--but in a very relaxed and pleasant way. You’ll have let all your tensions and cares go for a while, and you’ll need a moment to re-acclimate yourself to your surroundings. I’ll step out of the room, and allow you to get up and re-dress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does massage do, other than feel good?
Scientific study has now proven many of the healing aspects of massage. Among the benefits, massage:
•Helps rid the body of toxins
•Assists lymphatic and venous flow
•Increases nutrition and respiration to the cells and skin
•Stimulates the sensory receptors (nerves) of the skin and deeper tissue
•Relieves joint ache and pain
•Promotes good posture and self esteem
•Improves tone and texture of the skin
•Assists digestion
•Causes release of natural endorphins and promotes relaxation

What should I do to prepare for massage?
Eat lightly before a massage or wait at least one hour after eating.
Avoid stimulants (caffeine, sugar, etc.)
Refrain from any alcohol and/or drugs prior to a session.
Come freshly showered.

Are you fully qualified?
Yes. This ensures you are working with a trained professional who meets exacting requirements.

Should I undress completely?
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe. Oil massage is generally best received when fully undressed. However, I use towels to drape areas that I’m not presently working on. Your breasts area and genitals are covered during all the massage therapy. You can expect an absolute respect of your privacy.

If you have any concerns about body image, please know that I’m a professional with years of experience working with every imaginable body type-both male and female. I do not bring a sense of judgement about your body into our sessions.

Is massage sexual?
Massage is absolutely non-sexual. Massage therapy sometimes still carries an unfortunate and undeserved connotation with sexual activity. I observe very strict professional guidelines that protect both myself and my clients, and which are absolutely crucial to a trusting relationship.

Are there any areas you avoid?
Massage work avoids areas of the genitals and breasts (in women). The buttocks include large muscle masses which can affect posture and alignment, so I generally work on this area. However, you are uncomfortable with that, I will exclude that area as well.

What if I fall asleep?
It’s perfectly natural when you reach a state of deep relaxation, that you may fall asleep. Even if you feel you have "missed" parts of it, you will take the benefits of massage with you.

Will the massage be painful?
Relaxation massage is not painful. Some deep-tissue work may cause temporary discomfort or pain as I work to release knots (adhesions) in the tissue. The feeling will quickly subside as your body releases endorphins to the area--much as it does during vigorous exercise.

I’ve heard that I may feel sick after a massage, is this true?
In rare cases, the release of toxins from your tissues may cause a mild headache. This generally won’t be an issue if you drink plenty of water after your massage. Any temporary discomfort will be more than offset by the benefits of cleansing your body of these toxins. You should feel no other ill effects. In fact, you should feel great!

I hate to drive after a massage. Do you make housecalls?
Yes. For your comfort I do housecalls in Paris or at your hotel. Appointments are available 8am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday.

Do you see only men? Only women?
I regularly treat both men and women.

How long are your sessions?
Most are one hour, but longer sessions 1h30 may be arranged in advance (better for a whole bodywork)

How often should I receive massage?
Massage should be part of your regular wellness regimen. Once you experience the benefits of massage, you’ll find a natural rhythm that works well for you and your specific needs. I recommend at least once a month. However, you may benefit from more frequent treatment for chronic tensions, or times of unusually high stress. Let your own mind and body be your guide.

Is tipping expected?
My rates are set to what I feel is both reasonable for my work and an honest value for you as the client. Therefore tipping is not required or expected, though it is graciously accepted if you feel it’s appropriate.